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Hello there! I am looking for a loving, new family. I have a wonderful, rich, and soft coat. Am I your future family member? I like to be held, but I also like to follow you everywhere. I will come to you with up-to-date vaccinations and vet checks. So, if you are my new family, please call right away. Get ready for all the puppy love and kisses I have in store for you.


Miniature dachshunds for sale

Miniature dachshunds for sale have many quirks, but one of the reasons owners love them so much is for their hilariously funny personalities.

So, what do Dachshunds do that is so funny? Here’s our list of the funniest things Dachshunds do:

Dachshunds are more interested in what you have than what they have. Their job is to want whatever you’re holding or eating. Your job is to understand that if it’s yours it’s theirs, and if it’s theirs it’s theirs! Dachshunds don’t want to wait for ANYTHING! 🙄 Their job is to yap, whine, run around, nudge, and jump up at you. Your job is to hurry up and get a move on with whatever it is they want you to do!

Dachshunds will stare at you when they want something. 👀 If you move, their eyes will follow you! Their job is to stare at you for hours and hours on end. Your job is to give in to their demands!

So, there you have it. Dachshunds are funny and cute, and may well take the award for one of the funniest dog breeds. Within a few weeks of owning a Dachshund, you’ll realize that they actually own YOU!

Fun to be with

You can’t help but smile when you look at a confident Dachshund, proudly carrying his long, muscular body on short legs, his elongated head held high with a bold, intelligent look in his eyes. Because of their almost comical appearance, Dachshunds have long been a favorite subject of cartoonists and toy makers. But their cute appearance was developed for far more serious and practical reasons. Their short legs enable them to dig and maneuver through tunnels to the corner and even fight badgers and other animals, while their large chests give them plenty of “heart” for the fight. Dachshunds are brave, but they can be somewhat stubborn, and have an independent spirit, especially when hunting.

Miniature dachshunds for sale



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