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You have just found “The One!” Meet the most beautiful girl ever, Nancy. she is currently waiting for her forever-loving family to make her theirs today. Nancy is just as playful and lovable as they come. she will be sure to be the talk of your town. Nancy will be sure to come home to you up to date on her puppy vaccinations and vet visits. Don’t let this handsome baby girl slip away from you. she will be sure to make that perfect loving addition that you have been searching for.


miniature dachshund breeders

miniature dachshund breeders

This breed is one of the most vocal. They tend to bark at other dogs, fellow animals, and even strangers walking by.

If you just got a Dachshund puppy, don’t be fooled. It often takes 6 or 6 or 7 months for a Dachshund to vind their voice. But once they discover their bark, watch out!

This personality trait makes sense – they were bred to alert hunters to vermin like badgers and rabbits. Dachshunds are likely to bark every time they hear (even if you don’t) or see something that doesn’t seem right to them.


Dachshunds have soulful eyes and complex facial expressions. Their lungs are large for a dog this size and they have a barrel-like chest. Because of these things, Dachshunds have a loud, deep bark that sounds as though it comes from a much larger dog. And they do like to bark, which is something you might consider if you have neighbors who could be annoyed rather than amused by the antics of your brave little Dachshund.

Dachshunds often bond closely with a single person. They may even become jealous of their owner’s attention and can, if not properly trained and socialized, become snappy.

Smooth Dachshunds are the most popular variety in the United States. Their coats are short and shiny and need little grooming. They do, however, need a sweater in the winter if you live in an area with cold weather. Common colors are red, cream, black and tan, black and cream, chocolate and tan, blue and tan, and Isabella (fawn) and tan. Dachshunds also can have patterns in their coats, such as dapple (a mottled coat pattern), brindle, sable, and piebald.

The Dachshund is a versatile companion. With his variety of sizes, colors, coat types, and personalities, there’s a Dachshund to suit almost anyone.

miniature dachshund breeders


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