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Lena is such a sweet girl and would love to be your best friend for life. Imagine all the fun you’ll have with this cutie. You can take her for nice walks in the park or just cuddle with her on those lazy, rainy afternoons. Lena will have a complete nose-to-tail vet check and arrive up to date on his vaccinations. This cutie has so much love to give and she wants to share it with you. Don’t miss out!


dachshund breeders ny

dachshund breeders ny

Dachshunds are happiest being around people and shouldn’t be left alone too long while you’re at work (this is especially important for very young pups). So if you’re not home during the day, either you, or someone you know, need to pop in every few hours to let your dachshund out. You might have family or friends who could look after him during the day or you could hire a dog sitter or dog walker to check in on him.

Dachshunds are a low-maintenance breed. They shed, but not excessively.

If you live in a location that is cold in the winter, your Smooth Dachshund may need a sweater when he goes outside.


Wirehaired Dachshunds require regular brushing, and they’ll need to have their coats “stripped” two to three times a year to look their best. Ask the breeder from whom you got your Wirehaired Dachshund or your groomer to show you how to do this.

Other grooming needs include nail care and dental hygiene. Trim your Dachshund’s nails once or twice a month. If you can hear them clicking on the floor, they’re too long. The earlier you introduce your Dachshund to nail trimming the less stressful the experience is.

Brush the teeth at least two or three times a week — daily is better — to remove tartar and bacteria. Start when your puppy is young so he’ll be used to it.

Dachshunds are good with children in their own family if introduced to them early. They may not be as fond of your children’s friends, so supervise playtime.

Moisten a cotton ball with an ear cleaner recommended by your veterinarian and wipe the ears out weekly. Don’t go any deeper than the first knuckle on your finger and never stick a cotton swab into your dog’s ear.

Brush the teeth at least two or three times a week — daily is better — to remove tartar and bacteria.

dachshund breeders ny


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